Silhouette Stenciled Easter Eggs Tutorial

April 14, 2017

With Easter right around the corner (well, for most of you!) I thought I would share this fun tutorial I created a few years back.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • wooden eggs (various sizes)
  • all-purpose sealer
  • acrylic paints (your favorite colors – I am using white, pink and blue)
  • silhouettes
  • scissors
  • cutting board
  • marker
  • contact paper
  • brushes (sponge brushes for painting the larger areas, and fine tip brushes for touching up the silhouettes)


1. Start by sealing the wooden eggs with an all-purpose sealer. This will ensure the paint goes on evenly. Let the eggs dry for a couple of minutes. Continue by tracing the silhouettes on the contact paper. Once you have all the silhouettes traced, start cutting their outlines with x-acto knife or scissors.

2. Next, start painting the eggs your favorite color (remember this first coat is the color your silhouettes will be – so if you want white silhouettes, your first coat should be white). Let the eggs dry.

3. Peel off the back and stick the silhouette on the egg. Burnish the outside edges with your thumb. This will keep the dye from penetrating – resulting in a sharp silhouette.

5. Apply a second color over the entire egg, covering the silhouettes. This second color could vary from egg to egg. Allow them to dry for about 2-5 minutes. Start to pill the sticker and violá! You just made silhouette Easter eggs!

Tip 1: with a fine tip brush touch up the silhouettes to ensure crisp edges.

Tip 2: you can reuse the cut out silhouettes more than once.

Hope you enjoyed it! Share a link to your tutorials on the comments area.

Silhouette Easter Eggs

March 13, 2015

Today we spend a good portion of our day dying Easter eggs.  Traditionally we dyed them red.  I set aside a small batch to decorate them with silhouettes. They were super easy to make – take a look.
What you will need:
hard boiled eggs
red dye (or any other color you prefer)
x-acto knife (or scissors)
cutting board
contact paper

Start by tracing the silhouettes on the contact paper. Once you have all the silhouettes traced, start cutting their outlines with x-acto knife or scissors. Next, pill off the back and stick the silhouette on the egg. Burnish the outside edges with your thumb. This will keep the dye from penetrating – resulting in a sharp silhouette.
(tip: I find warm eggs work best with the stickers)

Once you’re done sticking all the silhouettes on the eggs, start immersing them in the dye. Allow them to sit for about 2-5 minutes until you get a nice saturated color. Remove the egg from the dye and pat it dry with a paper towel. Start to pill the stickers and violá! You just made silhouette Easter eggs!

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DIY | Silhouette Bookcase Backing + Freebie

March 10, 2014

So excited to be sharing this fun tutorial with you guys!

As you know, I recently completed my new home office. Amongst other projects, adding a backing to my ikea Expedit bookcase was one of my favorites. I loved the balance we created between the black and white walls  and wanted to continue that same idea with the white bookcase (because a white bookcases against a white wall doesn’t cut it!) Eventually, adding a pretty backing came to mind. There are so many choices. You can go with fabric, stenciled pattern, wallpaper etc. I decided to create my own wallpaper utilizing silhouettes – and what better than using my own family’s silhouettes. If you like the look of this bookcase, you can decorate yours in no time.

For this project you will need:

  • the printed silhouette wallpaper (for a 4×4 Expedit bookcase you will need 16 sheets of the downloadable wallpaper – one per each opening)
  • a large format printer (I highly recommend you send the file to Kinkos so they can do the printing for you – it will cut down the prep time and is cheap)
  • masking tape
  • scissors

This project can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

First and foremost, remove all the items off the bookcase. It will make it easier for you to maneuver. You will need to work on the back side of the bookcase. Begin by taping each sheet of wallpaper against each opening/square (Tip: cut down the wallpaper to 14×14 inches – or even better, if you get them printed at Kinkos have them do this for you).

This step will go fast – just continue one row at a time. Tape all 4 sides securing each sheet against the opening. Once you have taped all 16 sheets, you are ready to move the bookcase against the wall and start putting your items back on it.

Sorry, no pictures of the process. I was too excited to do this, I didn’t even think about taking them.

Click HERE to download the free silhouette wallpaper. Have fun with it and make sure to share pictures. You can tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

How to Make a Gallery Wall

February 25, 2014

Don’t you love perusing art gallery walls on Pinterest? What better way to display your art collection or even family photographs, right? Are there too many choices to look at? Should you use all white or black frames? Should you mix and match? Oh my! The possibilities are endless.

The above gallery wall is from my studio. More than esthetically pleasing for the eye, it serves as a unique way to showcase all my art collection (and favorite pictures). This one is still a work in progress, as I would like to fill the entire wall:)

But how can one make a gallery wall without spending hours on such project?

I’m glad you asked! Seeing how I just completed mine (or close to!), I would love to offer some tips so you can make your own in no time. Below are a few elements you should keep in mind:

Think About the Layout

Before you start hanging your frames, take some time to think about the layout. I like to lay my entire collection on the floor and arrange the frames so that the largest is somewhere in the center. I continue by arranging the rest of the frames around this main piece. Make sure to snap a few pictures of the various arrangements so you can easily decide what you like best by simply looking at the layouts side by side. The largest frame will serve as a focal point. Make sure it’s something you like to draw attention to. In the case of my gallery wall, the focal piece piece is a framed family tree – very meaningful to me.

Here is another layout (from my previous studio space) – same idea here with the only difference that the focal point now is the bright yellow illustration (doesn’t have to be the biggest piece)

Think About the Distance Between Each Piece

It is a good idea to keep a similar distance between each piece. If the gallery wall is positioned against a piece of furniture, make sure to leave approximately 6-8 inches from the bottom of the frame to the top of the furniture.

Create a Palette

A gallery wall can be art in itself if the frames and the art within those frames share a similar palette. Think of simple colors such as a black and white combination – create a striking balance all year round. In the sample below the use of all black frames and mattes as well as silhouette color creates a rhythm the eye is sure to get used to almost effortlessly.

Extra tip: try to color coordinate the props that come to contact or are positioned against the wall and you’ll have yourself a picture worthy, favorite new corner.

Photograph above is taken from my book Silhouette Art

Tell a Story

Gallery walls are the perfect way to tell a story. Think family pictures from a recent trip, birth photographs or even art you picked up at some hidden gem of a store. The entire collection should easily tell a story and visually describe an experience worth treasuring. People always ask what’s the story behind a certain piece. It’s your chance to make it a good one!

Make it a Fun One

Mix up fun photographs, art, paintings and other unique pieces. Go for an eclectic look that mirrors your personal decorating style. Pick a color palette (I wouldn’t recommend more than 3-4 colors) and mix the pieces around – don’t keep all the same colors in one area. Make it fun! I can’t think of a better example of this than Joy’s from Oh Joy office gallery wall (styled by Emily Henderson) I mean, look at this WALL!

One final tip: remember to have fun. There is no specific formula when it comes to creating a gallery wall. Hopefully the few tips above, will guide you during the creative process but definitely go ahead and create your very own. Don’t over-think it! Just do it!

Do you have a gallery wall you would like to share? If so, leave a link below. I would love to take a look!

Pretty Paper Parties inpired Halloween Crafts

October 29, 2013

I know many of you are crafty and would appreciate these fun paper crafts just in time for Halloween:) Each of these projects have been inspired by my book, Pretty Paper Parties. You can download the graphics for each project by clicking at the link below each picture. Have fun!

Materials needed for these projects:

2.5 inch round stickers from Paper Source in Poppy
8.5×11 cover weight paper in black and poppy from Paper Source
Baker’s twine (Paper Source)
Glitter/Gold wrapping paper (Paper Source)
Glassine Bags (Paper Source)
Paper Sticks (Hobby Lobby)
Templates and ideas (Pretty Paper Parties)

Project # 1 | Pretty Signs & Cupcake Toppers

Links to free downloads:

Cake Toppers | Party Signs (here and here)

Project #2 | Paper Chain & “Trick or Treat” Bunting

Links to free downloads:

Paper Chain | Stickers (here and here)

Project # 3 | Treat Bags Tags

Links to free downloads:

Treat Bag Tags

DIY Leaf Silhouette Place Cards

September 20, 2013


I’ve been a bit slow with blogging. There are still many boxes to unpack. I did want to take a minute away from the long list of things and re-post this fun DIY project I created last year. I hope you enjoy it! Just in time for Fall.

When it comes to silhouettes, I always love finding new ways to put them to use. This DIY project is no different! This past weekend while taking a walk with my family, I couldn’t help but notice all the wonderful colors. Midwest is magnificent in the Fall! It’s probably one of the reasons I decided to make it my home.

For this project you will need only a few things: your favorite leaves (gather up a variety of colors), your favorite pictures (profiles would be preferable), a marker, x-Acto knife or a pair of small scissors.

Before you begin, place your leaves underneath some heavy books so they flatten out before you proceed to work with them.

Step 1. Start marking the outline on each profile.

Step 2. Proceed by cutting each template with x-Acto knife or scissors.

Step 3. Next, start outlining the shape of the template onto the leaf.

Step 4. Cut out the silhouette.

I love mixing different color leaves. It makes for a nice variety.

With a thin tip marker, write the names of each guest on each leaf silhouette. Aren’t these darling?

Have you ever used leaves as part of your craft? If so, I would love to hear how you used them. Make sure to check out my other DIY crafts HERE.

DIY Tutorial | Father’s Day Silhouette Coffee Mug

June 05, 2013

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I got my busy self organized earlier than I normally would – and came up with a fun and easy tutorial for a Father’s Day Silhouette Coffee Mug. I hope you enjoy it and make one for your man:) It’s in the little things, right? Right!

Et voilà! This daddy approved!

If you are interested in the graphics shown above – you can download them here for FREE. Interested in having your custom silhouettes made? Contact me!


Coffee Mug – Target ($3.99) | Inkjet waterslide decal paper (I use the clear one) | Sealer and Clear Acrylic coating – Hobby Lobby.


DIY Mother’s Day Silhouette Card

May 08, 2013


Mother’s Day is this weekend! Did it sneak up on you guys too? To help you prepare for mom’s special day in Le Papier Studio fashion, we’re sharing a simple tutorial for your very own customized and handmade DIY silhouette card. Sometimes we spend so much time focused on the gift itself when a thoughtful card could be the perfect finishing touch – Heck, she may even prefer your heartfelt words over new pjs or flowers. It’s the little things…



  • Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie marker
  • Watercolors
  • Family photo (printed as a low quality quick draft so that you don’t waste printer ink!)

Begin by tracing the outlines of your family members on the printed photo with a Sharpie marker. Once complete, layer the cardstock on top of the photo and use a light table (or hold your photo up to a window like I did) to trace the outline of the silhouettes with a pencil. The thick Sharpie lines drawn on beforehand will help to make the silhouettes stand out during this step.




Next, grab your watercolor paints and pick a color. I went with a simple ombre effect in my mom’s favorite color – blue. I started by using an uneven ratio of paint on the outside figures (lots of pigment with a tiny bit of water), and added more water to the paint as I moved inward. Once each person was painted, I added a little bit more water to my brush to blend and blur the lines between each silhouette.




To make my silhouettes a little more pronounced and crisp, I waited until the paint was dry (about an hour) and then went back over the pencil lines with the black Sharpie marker.



After that, I added a simple “Happy Mother’s Day!” to the white space at the top of the card and dubbed it finished. My sister and I can’t wait to fill the inside of the handmade card with all the reasons why we love our mom!


In case I don’t get to tell everyone over the weekend, I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days!Carrie

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DIY Leaf Silhouettes Place Cards

September 25, 2012

Fall is finally upon us here in the Midwest! It happen to be my absolute favorite season and to celebrate it, I am dishing up some lovely DIY projects. The first one is up on The Party Dress blog – Leaf Silhouettes Place Cards. Check it out!

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DIY Ornament + Giveaway

November 22, 2011

Hello friends!

I am over at Project Nursery today sharing a fun and easy DIY project : Handcrafted Silhouette Ornaments – as well as a fabulous Giveaway. So bring out your crafting tools and head over to participate.


Just a quick note: I will be blogging on the light side for the next week or so. My parents are visiting from overseas and we are so excited to spend some time with them. I am sure I will be popping in here and there with fun pictures to share. But if I don’t “see” you until Thanksgiving, have a wonderful and safe one with your loved ones.




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